Cafe Girl, Leicester Square, London, 2003

from the series 'Up West'

Winter 2013

I am very wary of the critical value of images containing attractive women, all too often the dullest images of said women get unwarranted attention from other images that deserve it more. And so it was when I posted this one on Flickr when it quickly gained over a hundred faves. I am very grateful for all the positive comments this picture received but there were others who were equally perplexed by its popularity and drew the conclusion that it was just another picture of an attractive woman. Fair enough, I personally don’t see this one as being one of my best but then who am I to judge what other people should like when seeing photographs.

Paper size: 483 x 329mm
Image size: 450 x 300mm
Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm
Edition of: 20
Signed, numbered and dated on reverse


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