Marble Arch Subway, London, 2008

from the series 'Up West'

August 2013

I’m not one to usually hang around anywhere for any particular length of time to get a picture but when a friend of mine fell ill in Hyde Park and had to go to the nearest toilet, I could do nothing but wait outside and hope that she’d be okay. After a couple of minutes I decided to make use of my time and started shooting random stuff when all of a sudden this boy started playing keepie uppie in the corner. I immediately saw the potential but had to work the scene for quite a number of frames as there were so many people wandering past the frame. I never noticed the broken security camera in the background with the stencilled graffitti “What Are You Looking At” attributed to Banksy, so I was very thankful for my friends misfortune at that particular moment in time.

limited stock

Paper size: 305mm x 241mm
Image size: 285mm x 190mm
Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm
Edition of: 25
Signed, numbered and dated on reverse


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