Preacher, Piccadilly Line, London, 1995

from the series 'Underground'

February 2013

The London Underground has for a long time been a staple subject matter for many photographers. So when I was given a brief to photograph a project from a subjective perspective, I thought I’d approach it with colour film and flash as almost everything else I’d seen before was done in black and white. The main problem I encountered was the fact that once I took a shot I revealed my presence to everyone on the carriage and there was no means for me to move so I usually just took one picture and moved on. This situation was different however as it was the preacher who was drawing all the attention to himself. I managed to fire off two shots, the first made him face towards me and the second (this one) was of him trying to shield his identity from me.

Paper size: 305mm x 241mm
Image size: 285mm x 190mm
Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308gsm
Edition of: 25
Signed, numbered and dated on reverse


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