Appearing Rooms, South Bank, London, 2007

from the series 'The South Bank'

July 2014

This fountain outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall, got photographed constantly especially on a sunny day and I was rather pessimistic about getting anything original. I then noticed it was reflected in one of the doors of the QEH and proceeded to rattle away over a hundred frames until I got completely bored with doing so. In the film days (can’t bear the term analogue) I would have probably had to shoot 10 rolls of this as I wouldn’t have been able to review what I’d got, as it’s exceedingly difficult to visually process all the information to be certain of a good result. Anyhow, as soon as saw the dog when I was reviewing them on the screen, I thought that’ll do for now and moved on.

Paper size: 305 x 241mm
Image size: 285 x 190mm
Paper: Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 gsm
Edition of: 50
Signed, numbered and dated on reverse


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